Genset Corporation Empowers Primrose Mall with a Robust 210KVA Generator

In a move emblematic of its commitment to seamless power solutions, Genset recently completed the successful installation of a 210KV Generator for their esteemed client, Primrose Mall. This refurbished and fully functioning generator has been designed to cater for the size of the entire mall, ensuring every tenant benefits from its unwavering power supply.

For the mall and its variety of businesses, this isn’t just about power, it’s about potential. With this robust generator in place, every store within the mall can promise its customers an uninterrupted shopping experience. No more load shedding and abrupt pauses in trading – shopping at Primrose Mall will now be seamless and delightful.

Moreover, this significant upgrade goes beyond immediate benefits. By ensuring an uninterrupted power supply, Primrose Mall strengthens its reputation as a reliable shopping destination in the area. It underscores the mall’s dedication to both its tenants and the patrons who frequent it, solidifying its position as the go-to shopping hub in the Primrose area.

With this new addition, Primrose Mall doesn’t just stay illuminated – shines brighter as a beacon of great customer experience. Thanks to Genset, the future looks bright and powered for the mall and its vibrant community of businesses and shoppers.

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